We have written this statement to reassure you of our preparedness to deal with the pandemic.

We were amongst the early adopters of new technology in our industry and were already geared up for remote working so clients are not experiencing a disruption to service other than face to face meetings.


Please continue to use the same contact details as always. We are all working as normal.

One caveat to that – wherever possible, if you have the choice, please use telephone, email, secure document transfer facilities (we can arrange this) over traditional post. If in doubt, ask your adviser.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Coronavirus, please ask your usual point of contact in the first instance. 

Actions we have already taken

Working from home is now the default position for all staff.

All non-essential travel has been suspended across the company.

Meetings are being held by video conference or over the phone.

Management meetings are being held on a regular basis to monitor the situation, any guidance that emerges, and remain alert to changes in working practices of suppliers and product providers that might influence our own service.

Regular communication is shared with the team to ensure everyone understands the company’s position and latest guidance.