If you are responsible for the employee benefits of your company then you probably already know that treating people well at work can generate a sense of well-being and good will towards the firm that money just can’t buy. It’s difficult to estimate the actual value of a happy corporate culture but impossible to ignore too. There can be no doubt that a good benefits package improves employee engagement, which in turn improves the company’s bottom line.

We are not a product based company promoting a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Rather, we advise on how best to create a bespoke benefits package that meets both the needs of the employer and the employee. Our philosophy is to offer you a great quality service at a great price, whilst still creating solutions that meet your unique objectives.

Our style is unique and is encapsulated in the creative and personal approach we have to solving the often complicated needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to clearly identify your goals and objectives and then present solutions to meet your individual needs and budgets. We have extensive experience in designing, implementing and administering appropriate employee benefits packages. Our clients range from boutique owner-managed businesses to large public companies.

We currently look after clients such as global investment banks, national retailers, advertising and media firms, boutique investment houses and many others.

We can help you with all of your employee benefit requirements including:


We don’t let your benefits go unnoticed

There’s little point in putting together a winning benefits package if the majority of your employees do not understand it or take up the services available to them.

Seminars – we can explain your benefits package to groups of employees to ensure that everybody is fully aware of their value, how they work, and how to access them.

Individual financial advice – we can provide face to face advice through surgery days on your premises or through longer consultations for those with more complex financial affairs.

Recent feedback on our individual financial advice in the workplace:

I found the session to very helpful and really appreciate that People and Culture made it available to us in the workplace.

It is the type of thing that is so important in life yet hard to find the time to fit in. On the back of the session, I have a whole list of actions which Sarah has offered to help me with to get my financial planning back on track.

Thank you very much for arranging the session


She was very helpful and will be following up with a couple of things that we discussed.

Overall it was useful and would recommend speaking to her for anyone that has finance related questions.

Other services for companies

Key person insurance – you obviously insure your stock, equipment, and building so why not your most important assets? Guard against the financial gap created by the death or serious illness of designated key individuals on whom the revenue or profits of the business depends, enabling it to continue without them.

Partnership/shareholder protection – if a main shareholder should die could the remaining shareholders afford to buy their shares from the estate? If not, complications can result, including new and unexpected business partners.

Wealth creation and retention – we advise business owners and senior managers on strategies that can help reduce income and capital gains tax liabilities.  We can also help with business transition and succession planning so more wealth can cascade down the generations.