Employee Wellbeing

Cycling couple in countrysideYour employees are one of your most valuable assets, so it makes sense to take care of them. Not only can health issues among employees lead to a financial burden on a company in terms of insurance costs and lost productivity, certain aspects of the nation’s health are getting worse, which may lead to those costs being even higher in the future.

With many people leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, physical health and wellbeing can suffer. With everyday stresses caused by work and general financial security, mental health and wellbeing are also under pressure. While many companies have employee benefit programmes in place that deal with sickness when it happens, there is an increasing realisation that trying to reduce or prevent that sickness in the first place is a responsibility that employers need to take seriously.

Having the right wellbeing programme in place can help your business in considerable ways. It can:

  • Help reduce sickness and absence and, therefore, the associated costs
  • Reduce ‘presenteeism’ and improve workplace productivity – a healthy workforce is going to be more effective
  • Help to engage and motivate staff, as well as helping to retain employees
  • Identify illness trends within the company and then help provide solutions
  • Contribute towards a CSR policy

For more information see our Employee Wellbeing section or contact us directly for a free initial discussion.

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