Financial education

We design financial education programmes for employers who want to include this as part of their benefits package. There are many factors driving the increasing popularity of this service for large and small employers alike. Forward thinking employers know that staff with higher financial awareness are better able to make informed financial choices, have reduced financial stress and are better able to assess and appreciate the value of their employee benefits.

There are also trigger events for employers such as the introduction of auto enrolment or the closure of defined benefit/final salary pension schemes which merit specific education and/or advice. Whatever the challenges you face we can tailor a solution to meet that need.

Our education programmes include multiple channels and stages depending upon your requirements. That can mean a response to a specific situation or more general financial awareness sessions designed to address the financial issues facing employees at different life stages.  Our life stage seminars include:

  • New to the workplace
  • Young families
  • Mid-career
  • 10 years to retirement
  • Retirement planning

We would be happy to consult with you in order to prepare a programme of events that matches the needs of your workforce.

Contact us or call 020 7382 0446 if you are interested in talking to us about financial education in your workplace.

Some recent feedback from employees to their HR managers and directors following one of our seminars:

Very good – an eye opener on finance. Enjoyed the seminar.


I thought it was really good, useful, informative and just the right amount of time. He covered a good amount of areas in the time and was very open to questions. I have already emailed him to put in a one to one meeting. Thanks for organising this.


The seminar was very informative, clear and easy to understand. Really nice to get neutral advice and in a way you can understand, whenever you seek help elsewhere you are never sure if they are trying to sell to you so good to have someone you can trust. Thank you.


Thought the presentation was good and concise. Perfect for an overview into mortgages, especially if you are a first time buyer or don’t know a lot about the market. Overall it was very useful.


Very professional presentation from two knowledgeable people.


Really useful and a great presenter too.

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