Felicity and John Guy (client names changed) had no idea how much money they needed to retire with the lifestyle they wanted.  Together we created a plan for them showing that even if they were more extravagant than they would normally be they should not run out of money.  As a consequence they were able to reduce their investment risk.

Your goals form the basis of your financial plan

We begin with an in depth discovery meeting to find out what it is that really drives you.  Many people have never thought about this deeply before so it should be an enjoyable experience where you might gain as much insight about yourself as we do.  By the end of the meeting we should understand your goals in life and they will form the basis of your financial plan.

We create a financial model of your current situation

The second part of the process is the number crunching and research we do behind the scenes.  We already know where you’re headed – your goals – so we need to find out where you are now.  This is a quantitative exercise where we create a financial model based on your current situation.

Designing a plan to achieve your goals

Now we design a financial plan to achieve your goals.  We will run different scenarios through the plan in order to investigate different life choices.  We will then go through the plan together including lifetime cash flow projections showing the implications of the different choices you make.  We can provide answers to questions such as “If I privately educate my children, will I still be able to retire at 60?” Then you decide which path to take.

Putting the plan into action

Your plan can be thought of as a package of individual needs to be carried out in sequence.  When it comes to choosing products and implementing your plan we remain completely independent.

Since we have already designed your plan together, everything we do now is making progress towards your objectives.

Ongoing financial planning and care

Once we have created your plan and set you on the right path, we need to review it regularly.  Your goals may evolve, priorities and circumstances change and of course we’re here to help you deal with the unexpected too.

One of our most important jobs is simply to stop you from making the financial mistakes most people make – human nature is the biggest impediment to successful financial planning.

We are proactive in looking after your finances but we are also available to help and advise whenever you might call upon us.

The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested.

Free initial consultation

The main purpose is to identify your major financial concerns but it’s also an opportunity for you to get to know us before deciding to engage our services.  You can ask as many questions as you need. During this meeting which typically lasts 45 minutes to 1½ hours, we will discuss your specific financial needs.  We will fully describe our services and which of them may be right for you, as well as explain our charging structure. There is no charge or obligation for this meeting and we will follow it up with an engagement letter setting out our proposed service to you.

Contact us today to find out more or to book an appointment.