Winston Churchill once said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” 
Find out how you as an employer can help your employees improve their health and become a greater asset to your business

Private Medical Insurance - Radcliffe & Newlands

Giving employees quick access to leading UK medical care and hospitals.


Private Medical Insurance provides your employees with comfort in knowing that prompt medical treatment is available if required, often at a time or location of their choice, which can help to reduce sickness/absence and enable employees to schedule consultations and treatments at times that limit disruption to the employer.

Helping employees with the cost of dental treatment.


Looking after your teeth is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and poor dental hygiene can often lead to more serious health conditions. Group dental insurance helps pay towards the ever increasing costs of dental treatment via an insurance policy that allows employees to claim back some or all of the cost of routine and unexpected dental treatment. With UK NHS dentistry limits tightening, the value of dental insurance is only set to increase.

Dental Insurance - Radcliffe & Newlands
Health Assessment - Radcliffe & Newlands

Educating employees about personal health risks.


Health Assessments are beneficial to both the employee and the company. The assessment can help employees identify health issues earlier, with early diagnosis often leading to better outcomes, or enabling employees to make lifestyle actions that may prevent absence from work had the problem not been diagnosed sooner. A healthier workplace improves productivity and engagement and helps to reduce health insurance claims.

Giving employees cash back towards everyday healthcare bills.


Health Cash Plans provide reimbursement for many of you and your families everyday health expenses, such as dental check-ups and treatment, optical tests and prescription eyewear. It’s possible for plans to also provide more comprehensive reimbursement e.g. for chiropody, therapies, maternity/paternity/adoption and day surgery. Cash plans are particularly attractive to employers with a younger staff, as it is harder to engage them in health-related benefits due to age, current health and the cost factor which is not always understood. 

Health Cash Plan - Radcliffe & Newlands
Employee Assistance programme Radcliffe&Newlands

Giving employees access to qualified, independent, wide-ranging support.


Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) provide support services (can be telephone based or also include face to face) to employees and their immediate family members to help them deal with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may adversely impact their work performance, health and mental or emotional wellbeing.
As well as using an EAP to help safeguard employees’ mental health and wellbeing, this benefit can also support an employer. For example, it can help line managers to deal with any concerns they might have about employment issues or employee health. We will help you find the relevant fit to your business so that employees use and value the service.

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